For lovers of hairy men

“Hairy Magazine aims to dignify and provide visibility to non-normativity, diversity, body positivity, inclusivity, femboys, power bottoms, and all things queer… all that represents us just as much as glory holes, beefcake, chubbies, muscle-bear, and the bear code in general. Without any kind of conflict.

We find the lumberjack with his plaid shirt, effortlessly splitting a 2-meter log with a single swing, very sexy. But equally sexy to us is a gender fluid individual with their make-up, hair style, nails, spirit, and style.

Alberto Torres, Director

HAIRY MAGAZINE had always been a dream for Torres Ibarzo Studio. And after more than ten years conducting professional photoshoots and organizing the iconic POPair Party (Barcelona’s most iconic gay-bear party), Alberto (Torres)andCharlie (Ibarzo) decided to take a step and make that dream come trou.

HAIRY was born out of the Studio’s desire to celebrate our passion for male body hair, using the lenses of our cameras to capture the energy, freedom, and boldness we observed among attendees at parties in Barcelona or gatherings in Sitges. It was from this very pool of friends and dancers from the POPair Partythat the subjects of the first exclusive photographs emerged. Alongside texts and artistic collaborations from creators aligned with the Torres Ibarzo universe, these elements formed the first issue of HAIRY MAGAZINEthen known as“POPair’s Fanzine”.

However, HAIRY became so much more. Torres Ibarzo Studio’s passion for homoerotic photography magazines from the 70s and 80s fueled the creation of subsequent issues. The need to celebrate the male body in all its forms, colors, and expressions (especially tthe hairiest ones) eventually transformed the magazine into a full-fledged statement of intent. HAIRY serves as a showcase for those who, like us, adore male body hair. And it’s precisely this audience, which grows exponentially day by day, issue by issue, that has turned each edition of the magazine into a collector’s item

HAIRY MAGAZINE is imagined, created, and edited in Barcelona.