Hairy Mag #3

19,95 Iva incl

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HAIRY MAGAZINE # 3 is a very ambitious edition of Torres Ibarzo Estudio’s magazine.

120 deluxe pages that include exclusive photographies by Torres Ibarzo Estudio to fourteen male models:

Chris , Miki, Marc Roca, Cachorro Lozano, Salva, Beñat, Antoun, Gennaro, Xavi, Félix, David, Alberto, Juan and Samuel

It also include texts and stories by 
Hidroboy, Massive Shortcut and Juan Flahn

And the artistic collaborations of  Mel Odom, Elliot Manresa, Cachorro Lozano, Mivo Art, Butchdick, Bob Flesh and Stanley Sunday

Artistic advisor:  Mista
Floral arrangements:
Fernando Romeo
Torres Ibarzo Estudio
Art direction:
Design: Marcos Ribeiro
Content editing: Albertoto y Juanjo Martínez

120 pages fanzine in 4+4 inks. Size: 28,5cm x 21cm. Offset impression in 4+4 inks in 135 grams e.matt (except cover of 300gr.). Glued and with mate double-sided cover. a dos caras mate.

19,95 Iva incl

In stock

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