HAIRY MAG #4 is the natural evolution of Torres Ibarzo Estudio’s philosophy: 

Everybody has a good photo, you just need to find a god lightning scheme and a good intention.


This new number, more stuffed than ever, simbolizes the Estudio’s intention to give the spotlight to bodies that usually have little or no visibility; a mix of photography, texts and art in which normative and non-normative bodies coexist united by a great obsession: male body hair.

176 pages full with exclusive photos, hot and reflective texts, art, color (a lot of color!), furrylicious, beards and hair, hairy backs… All the typical things you have always found in Hairy Mag.

And you will also find gender fluidity, makeup, nails, heels, twinks and bearded women. Because for us a lumberjack with a plaid shirt is as sexy as the fierce queer youth serving freedom with their eyelashes. 

Published in a deluxe format, bigger and thicker, and printed in four different types of paper, the magazine includes, for the first time, the full english translation of every text. It also comes with two collectible covers.

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Bob Flesh (@palabradeoso)
Hidroboy (@hidroboy.83

Editor-in-chief and direction: Alberto Torres
Photos: Torres Ibarzo Estudio
Postproduction & VFX: Ángel Jiro
Layout & graphic design: Hugo Cornelles
Drafting & style correction: Raül de Tena
Drafting: Hidroboy
Production: Álex Hernández
Social media: Alejandro Torres
Video: Juanjo Martínez
Makeup: Venus Plastik
English translation: Adam Schoem

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